Lovely colours.

Very interesting painting, Alita. Love the shapes and colour. Had you not said it was acrylic and inktense, I would have assumed it was watercolour. I guess Inktense is a form of watercolour. Has it bled over the acylic underpainting?

Thanks Tessa! I love playing with colour. Thanks Lewis. Acrylic underpainting? That implies planning on my part, very unlikely, haha! It is a mixture of the two media. I did some inktense stuff, using it like watercolour, then painted a thin coat of gesso over the whole thing. After that I just kept on with a bit of inktense, a bit of acrylic, until I was done. Fairly random as is usual for me. With the inktense, I often lay down colour then either drop in other colours or paint them next to each other and let them bleed into each other.

Some lovely effects Alita.

Lovely fresh colours.

Thank you Carole and Sandra, I am glad you like it.

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Acrylic and Inktense

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