Reindeer Cache. Wolverine

Reindeer Cache. Wolverine

Are these paintings all in Gouache? If so, you've certainly found your métier. And I'm curious - whence derives your obvious and absolute fascination with wolverines?

Cheers !! Really appreciate these two comments. All the wolverine paintings re in Gouache and it is a good medium for me as it dries very fast and I can easily correct mistakes !! or re work fur etc !!<br /><br />Robert I saw my first wolverine photo in a book aged around 7 and was totally hooked from then on. My nose was constantly pointing towards the pages of antique and new books looking for wolverine pictures and information. For me there is just something magnetic about them. Seeing a wolverine in the wild is jaw dropping !!<br /> <br />Not sure what metier means but thanks!!! <br />

It means (surreptitiously reaches for the Oxford English Dictionary) ... &quot;one&#39;s trade, profession, or department of activity; one&#39;s forte&quot;. <br /><br />Or, if you prefer, your shtick (which derives from a German word, but let us not depart into multilingual realms, and stick to the painting.....).<br /><br />Gouache is a lovely and unique medium, which it seems to me very few of us specialize in: but your paintings are making me yearn to buy a set - I have used them, but not for years: I suspect I&#39;d use them all the time if I could achieve paintings like these.

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Adult female wolverine ( Gulo g gulo) with wild reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus) leg bone cached in northern Scots Pine tree. Kuhmo region, NE Finland.

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I am a wildlife and pet artist working with Acrylic paint on Gessobord and wood panels. Please visit my website for more artwork and contact information. Thanks. London UK

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