Kamchatka Winter

Kamchatka Winter

Wolverines are fascinating creatures! I read somewhere that they are also known as &#39;gluttons&#39;. Or were.<br />Your wolverine is lovely, and I particularly like the way you&#39;ve rendered the snow.<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Holly

Thanks Holly. I appreciated your comments.<br /> Yes wolverines are often called Gluttons but perhaps less so nowadays. Historical accounts often refer to them as Gluttons especially in European folklore and literature. Their reputation for Gluttony is part explained by the wolverines natural instinct to cache excess food.<br /> A wolverine that locates a large carcass will, if left undisturbed, remain close to this food source removing many parts of the carcass and carrying or dragging the food parts elsewhere to be cached under rocks, water, snow or marsh for later consumption. It may seem as though the wolverine has eaten all of the carcass in one sitting !!! These hidden caches sites can be critical to wolverine survival and subsequent kit rearing success. <br /><br />

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Adult male wolverine ( Gulo gulo albus) on tundra ice on Krontosky Reserve, Kamchatka , Russia

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I am a wildlife and pet artist working with Acrylic paint on Gessobord and wood panels. Please visit my website www.jeffanimalart.com for more artwork and contact information. Thanks. London UK

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