Beautifully painted as usual. The play of light and shadow is fabulous and I agree it is very art deco- a period I love. I think it's that hairstyle and the flowing fabric. Looking at the texture in the fabric I think thi is a paper I'll have to try.

Thanks Diana. Talk about fishing for compliments! It was a happy accident and one that I want to develop adding more clothes and 'props'.

Erotic and sensual. Wonderful play on light and I love the hair. I am sure they will be pleased whoever gets this one.

wonderful picture.......i love the pose and the colours..............

Great feeling of mystery with shadows covering the body. The colours and execution are It is truly beautiful !

Thanks for the comments everyone. I've got one more of Lauren to finish (or ruin) and then it's on to pastures new.

Got ya just read about this on the Forum...a beautiful nude Alan and a smashing contribution to GOSH...gotta go Hubby hanging over me wanting the computer

Fell in love with this painting the moment I saw it on the auction. I am happy to say that I will be owning this painting in a few days time, that's as soon as you deliver it to me. I have been through your portofolio and you have amazing nudes. Looking forward to receiving this painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the painting that I am donating to Beatrice's charity auction. It turned into a Suicide Girls/Art Deco painting. Didn't start out that way! Pastel on Murano Paper

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