Chloe 4

Chloe 4

Another beautiful work of art Alan! I have had to settle with a photograph I took of a Japenese Quince in my garden!

Not an easy pose to capture - I imagine the left arm was a bit of a struggle; excellent composition, melding of colours from the lights to the darks, superb rendering of the cloth and the facial features; good idea to have the two colours in the cloth, the red against the green, both of which pick up on shades in the flesh.

Great work as usual Alan. The red cloth and the green background are a perfect backdrop for her skin.

Another wonderful painting Alan as said above not an easy pose at all and the green background with the red fabrlc is just wonderful lovely tones and as Carole said a perfect foil against Chole's skin...going from strength to strength

Thanks for the comments everyone. It wasn't as hard as I'd feared. Painting a face larger than 20mm helped! Getting the arm modelled wasn't that hard Robert and Patsy. The difficult bit was getting some interest in the flat plane of the stomach.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on chocolate brown Murano paper

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