Navy Pier Chicago


You’ve definitely captured the cold of Chicago in the winter with the colours you’ve used and the figure wrapped up with his scarf over his face. I remember that chill wind well!

Brrrrr. Cold indeed, like this.

Haha yes, thanks Christine and Heather, I’ll take your word for it I have never been to America, it is taken from a photo of my son on holiday, I wrongly thought it would be right up my street but this was my forth attempt and still not happy with my depiction of ice so I’m pleased you found it cold, I find it very difficult to get that balance between accurate but loose painting

Your depiction of ice is spot on Alan. I think you have succeeded in your objective as I also feel the cold, as others have suggested. It's a smashing painting.

Thank you Susan, I think we are our own worst critics so it’s always good to have positive feedback.

Well captured - it looks very cold.

Thank you Caroline, it will certainly make me think more about the temperature of a painting in future

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico 500mm x 400mm

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After years away from painting I have finally reactivated myself and studio at East Cowton in North Yorkshire, for a period in the 1990's I successfully exhibited and sold paintings from 'The Nolton Gallery' in Bridgend mid. Glamorgan but through circumstance have not painted for a while, so I was…

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