Jack Russell remembers

Jack Russell remembers

Aww lovely little painting Alan. Our Poppy has a Poppy for her colour too.

Like it, Alan. Thanks for your comment on my water soluble sketch. Are we talking about the same thing? My new pencils are all black - from HB to 8B - they can be used like ordinary pencils. If you like you can apply clean water with a brush and get a wash effect. They are similar to watercolour coloured pencils, which I suspect your sketch was done with...or maybe you used a mix of both types?? I like both. If you haven't got the pencils I'm talking about...maybe the next time you need some pencils try these. I'm sure you'd love them.

That's lovely Alan, 😀

Thank you for your comments, it encourages me to keep trying. Yes Lewis the main picture ie the black and light tones are Derwent sketching pencils, unlike yours there are only 3 in the set light wash, mid wash, dark wash. but i did cheat and use coloured pencil for the poppy and face, and some spots on the legs. The paper it is drawn on is not really suitable for water as it sucks it straight in, i now know for the future not to use the paper for water based ideas.

A fine sentiment and drawing, Alan. Well worth remembering. Bri

What a wonderful idea Alan. So many animals lose/lost their lives during conflicts and they are not remembered so much. This is a lovely drawing of your little dog who looks so proud to be wearing his poppy.

A wonderful sentiment Alan, and beautifully done.

Hang on Studio Wall

This sketch was inspired by the poppy we bought our dog from the local craft fare, It is so she can remind pepole of the animals that have died along side their human counter parts in the line of service. It is my first time using Derwent sketching Pencils. They are water soluble and they come in dark, medium and light. I have used artist quality pencils on the Poppy and the face.

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