The Yeti family

Yeti family 001

Like this! Bit of fun and no harm in that

A lot of my work has been purely commercial and illustrative and I don't often get time to work on free-flow art pieces.

Thank you Heather. My 'bit of fun' keeps the bills paid. 'Like I said, I'm an illustrator, not really an 'artist', which I have come to recognise, but, fortunately or unfortunately, because of that I've had to cover many areas and disciplines over the past 40 years , and work in many styles which has gradually eroded my 'free-fall' capabilities and that reflects in the very commercial look to my work. However, I very much enjoy what I do and I'm still working which can only be a good thing.

Hang on Studio Wall

'The Yeti's' from 'Snow Boy'.

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Alan Irvine

I began my creative career working in a publishing studio in London in 1979, became freelance in 1980 and since then have been a professional private and commercial artist up to this day. I have worked for advertising agencies, design houses, marketing agencies, retail, commercial and industrial…

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