Gurkha Silhouetted in doorway.

Gurkha Silhouetted in doorway.

This is good Anthony and for a good cause.

The near monochrome image is powerful and well rendered

Very effective use of shading Anthony, as I said previously I admire what you are doing. I once had the privalige to work with the Gurkas for a short time and I have nothing but admiration for their professionalism and pride in everything they do. A really good painting.

A striking piece Anthony, they have a heroic reputation bravely earned. My father worked with the Gurkas many years ago, when they collected trophies, and when on patrol with them you made sure your boots were laced up the correct way?! Not sure how accurate the last

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Acrylic on canvas board. Queens Own Gurka Logistic Rifles Mentoring is pictured during a mission in the Lashkah Gah area in Afghanistan.

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I am a passionate amateur artist who has been inspired to raise money for our UK Armed Forces through my paintings. I also take commissions based on military subjects. My work is based on actual persons who have or are serving in the UK Armed Forces and have ranged from the Royal Marines to theā€¦

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