Your "Doggy" is wonderful, not quite sure how you did it. His eyes are fantastic and his nose defiantly looks very wet. lovely to see you back Beautifully done Adele

Such a cute doggy Adele, you must have lots of patience to do all that delicate work. Just adore this doggy well done.

He's a sweetheart Adele .

He’s gorgeous, Adele. Definitely the wow factor.

Wow Adele this is amazing and so skillful, I really think you have found your art! It's great to 'see you' again, you have been missed.

Jumps out of the page at you brill..

Thank you for the lovely comments Tao, Lesley, Sylvia. Ellen, Margaret and Peter. This is the first completed "painting" since I left POL. I have had a look in from time to time. However, although I won't be on the Forum in future (nobody else to talk to about Wool Fibre Art), I will post future paintings and look to see how you are all doing.

A lovely accomplished piece of work Adele.

This is sooooo good Adele, those eyes are glassy and the nose is wet! My daughter who has done a bit of felt art thought it was amazing and so do I.

Thank you for your lovely comments Fiona and Val.

Doggy is just gorgeous. So glad that you will be posting more of your very intriguing wool fibre art. Rather upset though that I won't see you any more on the forum, I used to enjoy your comments. I do hope that you have now fully recovered.

Thank you for your comments Sandra - pleased you like Doggy. I tended to spend a bit too much time on the Forum and neglected my art, hence my decision. Watch out for my next project, a lion (hopefully, if it doesn't end up in "File 13"!

I am sure your lion will be just as good as this doggy, besides I am the only one allowed to have a file 13 so there !!LOL

Thank you for your faith Tao - lion is giving me lots of grief at moment!!

Wonderful, Adele and so lifelike.

Hang on Studio Wall

Wool Fibre Art - Size 19" x 10" - This gave me a lot of work, especially the whiskers. I tried making separate whiskers by wet-felting bits of wool, sticking together thin strands of wool etc. In the end I just needlefelted them lightly onto the dog. Wish I had done that in the first place.

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