Pauls himalyian musk

Pauls himalyian musk

Very special composition, Helen. I like the combination and the whole picture. Love the colours as they are: no pink in the moonlight for me.

I wouldn't add any pink either. It's an unusual and beautiful image.

Beautiful piece. I see green in the moonlight.

An image that immediately caught my eye because of the moon and the closely harmonious colours. The flowers add a mystic dimension to this which I love. I feel pink would possibly disturb the integral feeling of this painting. It is really unique.

I agree with all the above pluss i get a feeling wolfman could be lurking around the corner.I like it. Thankyou for your comments on my paintings helen to answer your question about looming i was going to hang them about 2 inches apart as you see them now unless you have better ideas ?? im always open to new ideas maybe i should have added a moon in the set of 3

Hi Helen Yes i always draw a quick ruff drawing before i paint to sort out any details if its a figure after the drawing i actually trace the outline onto the canvas so i dont have to draw it twice if that makes sense and it keeps the canvas cleaner. dont know if anyone does the same. My ideas are formulated well before i pick up a brush the problem is that when i get close to finishing a painting another idea is in my head so i tend to rush the ending and my work suffers for it but im learning slowly

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a painting of the wolf moon this musk rose is quite a conquerer and so beautifully scented so it certainly fitted the scene. On an artistic note would you actually see pink in the moonlight ??

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