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Hang on Studio Wall
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I really like your line drawing. The muscle tone adds a realism and some great dimension, and I am so impressed with you tackling the face, I just couldn’t go near the face at all, I couldn’t get my head around how to make it look right but you have absolutely nailed it!  C x
Thank you Caroline.  I thought the face was easy just draw in the eyebrows and a triangle for the nose and there are a few lines either side.  It is those perishing feet that are the problem.  IVe tried colouring him in peppermint for the light areas, mustard for reflected light, Ionian green for the deep shadows and felt green for the rest of the shadows.  Added some blue for the more distant part and yellow got the closer parts. However, I will wait for daylight to take a picture.

by Linda Wilson

And here it is.  The Green Man.
Marvellous Linda, you got the feet just right I think.  I have yet to try life drawing.
Thank you Hilary.  I can’ t say it was 100 per cent successful, but it was rather rushed and not the best paper.  In retro spect, I would have done the reflected light in lilac, to distinguish it from the yellow parts.  It is a good idea to start life drawing by copying sculptures.  They keep still, while models don’t and the are a lot cheaper, many being in free museums or out in the open air.
I think it’s wonderful Linda, I love the use of that green, it’s so effective. Thank you so much for sharing this :)
Thanks Caroline.  I hope you share more of your drawings.
Came across this post the other day, I really enjoyed the subject matter and thought you made a great attempt Caroline, I also liked Lindas version as looked an interesting subject to paint. I hope you don't mind but I also had an attempt, below is my version. I also used Derwent pencil, but I put the colour s on a scrap bit of paper, and used this like a pallet, and mixed them there, then applied to the paper.

by Alan Beresford

That is really good Alan ( as were the other two).
The muscle definition is fantastic Alan, and I really love that splash of blue in the bottom right hand corner, really pulls the eye and compliments the piece.  I hadn’t considered using a splash of colour and it having that effect but I might have to give that a try. C x
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