Conway Castle

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Hang on Studio Wall
New project pen and ink of Conway Castle proportions, perspective and pencil in..
Made a start on the ink .
Filling in the mid-ground
And the final picture 
That's great Bari and good to see it in stages. I love Conway too.
Good to see your progress on this very detailed drawing Bari.
Fabulous detail Bari, loved to watch this progressing
Amazing detail on Conwy castle...such patience .  
That's absolutely stunning!!!!
Love to know what you used for this - not dip pens, I think - rapidograph?  Fineliners?  And do you work at speed, or does it take you as long as it would probably take me (eg, sort of forever)?  
Hi Robert dip pens, for Conway I used an 01 Staedtler pigment liner fibre tip pen as I did it while watching TV in the lounge...I would normaly use a ,10 Rotring isograph but the good lady won't allow them in the house as they have a habit of leaking.  Nice thing about pen & ink is yu can do it in any light. For my every day journal writing and sketching I use a Rotring EF Artpen with cheap black ink cartridges.
Just working out the time ..about two hours pencil work then a little over four hours inking in and give it one hour looking at......a good days work..

by Bari Marsh