What's in a name?

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Hang on Studio Wall
I have noticed recently that several posts, in what I would describe as a 'non-representational' style have started to appear with equally perplexing titles. Titles such as Ppppts, Papz3, PAPS4, Putz2, iube.eort, bucre.luig, aowy.fojk. One might ask, what's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. In a way an incomprehensible title suits an incomprehensible image, but I can't help but think this is just another form of arty bollocks.
Of course it is bollox. One artist said he didnt want to give his works meaningful names, instead relying on a random letter generator, because he didn't want viewers coming with preconceived ideas. Very bollox. He doesn't know what he's created...its just the issue of splurge. He might as well pee all over a sheet and hang it up, or even, ha ha, show his unmade bed. Imagine that load of bollox. Ha ha. As if. One artist not only spouts it but doesn't even have the courtesy to put his stuff the right way up! I mean, we all make mistakes but not that often. Perhaps being upright will give me preconceptions. It,s as bad as artist who leave their own names blank or as "by". Its all AB. Still, POL sees fit to accept it so I guess we should too. I just scroll past.

by DavidG4YVM

I paint a lot of abstract work and each picture has to be named for identification purposes. However I want viewers to interpret my work in their own way. I find it encouraging the way people put their own interpretations on my work and the last thing I want to do is give a title with meaning .If I called a piece Lazy Sea, for example, then that is all they would see when they look at it. To my mind the joy of abstracts is the liberation from conventional thoughts and processes. The question therefore arises as to how to name them. Well I invent words for mine – I called a recent work Cyclision for example - so no it isn't arty bollocks - there is logic behind it. I must agree that random letters and numbers, as well as words that are unpronounceable, are a bit OTT (and possibly verging on arty bollox) but words that can be pronounced even though they have no meaning are, to my mind, the most appropriate way to title non-representational work. By the way if anyone wants to invent words try googling Nonsense Word Generator – loads of ideas there.
Good point Michael, though I suspect the abstract names you choose generate more of an emotional response than the likes of da-1392 or aowy.fjok
I do try to be a bit Christian and encouraging in attitude to other peoples' work. Not everyone is a Picasso or Van Gogh. Maybe some just aren't as skilled as others and just do the best they can? Again, age is a factor; child or pensioner can't always be defined in art. As Michael Connelly's fictional detective Harry Bosch says: "Everybody counts or nobody counts! ".