Haidee-Jo Summers book – Vibrant Oils.

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The long awaited first book by Haidee-Jo has just arrived on my doorstep, signed as well which is always nice to have. Like many of us, I have many dozens of art books from numerous artists’ which I have collected over the years but this one by Haidee-Jo is just that bit different in its approach.It’s a good size format to start with and is packed to the gunnels with both her paintings and other really useful information on all aspects of oil painting, from how to choose a subject, painting en-plein-air, composition and so on, it covers land and seascapes, portrait, still life, in fact the lot and some really useful technical stuff including her colour palette, brushes and so on.As well as being inspirational the book itself is beautifully designed and each page is crammed with good information in an easy to read style. It will take me months to get through it all but this would make a great gift for any artist, from the most experienced to those who are either thinking of or just starting out in oil painting.

by alanbickley

It sounds lovely Alan .
Money is tight at the moment, but this is on my 'to get' list, along with Virgil Elliott's Traditional Oil Painting.
I am looking forward to receiving a copy for my birthday - today! I'm sure it will maintain the high standard H-J achieves in her work.
Happy Birthday Peter. Hope you have a great day with or without the book!
Look out for an extract and a £2 off discount code on Haidee-Jo's book on next week's e-newsletter. As well as features from Alan, David Walshaw, Ibolya Taligas, Dermot Brennan, Guy Bailey and Roger Gadd!
Thanks Alan, that's so lovely to hear and I'm really glad you like it! I can't help collecting art books either, couple of new ones coming out very soon are 'Pure watercolours' by Peter Cronin and 'Painting skies' by Mo Teeuw. I can't wait to move back into my studio and unpack all my books. The plasterboards are going on now so things are proceeding nicely! We're having a multi-fuel stove installed very soon :-) Happy belated birthday Peter! Did you get what you wished for? 😉
Thank you Lesley, really glad to hear that you are pleased with it. Alan I hope you don't mind but I've just added your review of my book to my website! Many thanks again for your kind words. www.haideejo.com/vibrant-oils-book/ If anybody has the time to add a little review to Amazon I'd be much obliged... it doesn't matter if you didn't buy it from Amazon...
Of course Haidee-Jo, you have gathered some excellent reviews already, this will be the 'go to' art book for all aspiring oil painters. I will add my review to Amazon shortly.
Thanks for the birthday wishes Haidee Jo, thankfully I don't feel my age! The book has arrived and even exceeds expectation. I will add a review in due course.
Thanks again Alan and thank you Peter, so glad you like it! Will you be coming to Staithes again next year? :-)
Certainly will. Looking forward to it.
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