An observation.

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Hang on Studio Wall
Just an observation on some of the gallery paintings. Why oh why are there decapitated dogs and cats and the odd human...well the heads , that are on display . I always think of Salome being handed John the Baptist’s head on a plate. Is it just me who recoils when I see floating portraits? .

by SylviaEvans

No it's not just you Sylvia, they just don't look right to me either. It does appear to be a bit of a trend though at the moment. It doesn't take much effort to simply indicate some of the body, it doesn't necessarily have to be more than a few lines, feathering the head without that hard or ragged edge. It can actually spoil an otherwise excellent work. On another issue, I'm seeing more and more people posting multiple works of the same image. Totally pointless and frankly irritating, most are posting two, one guy posted three the same the other day. I did ask him why but no response. There's a surprise!
Ah. I started to think you didn't like just heads but Now I wonder whether its the abrupt chopping rather than just the head per se. which annoys you. If the former, I disagree, if the latter I agree. Am I middle.of the road? Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep???
Yes, I agree. I don't like floating heads either whether it's animals or dogs.
Dont tell my Yagi he's a dog, he's convinced he's a person