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Thanks for finding this Sylvia.  Jael looks very well dressed for living in a tent, but her pose is much the same as in my picture.  I had the man the other way round, so you could see his face.  Also in this RE book, I illustrated all the plaques of Egypt - boils, locusts, etc.  Hope you feel inspired Lewis.
I am inspired, Linda.  I hadn't thought of the plagues of Egypt.  Let's face it, there's nothing better than drawing a nice fat boil.
That Jael looks to be a bit of a madam.....  I must go back and read the story: doubtless she had a motive.  She looks so matter of fact and motherly in that painting: as in, 'just hold still dear, one so hates to make a mess!'.  
I have been known to wield a lump hammer but not quite like this.....was he a very wicked man Linda ? 
I think he was leading the invading army,  Canaanite maybe.  The story is all there in Wikipedia or the bible, take your pick.  I can’t say I was particularly interested in the story, just that she was famous for doing it and it was fulfilling a prediction. Lewis you should have seen my history book, I drew topless  Minoan priestesses in that.
Topless?  You ladies love the gory stuff.  Nailed heads, and now decapitated Minoan priestesses! . . . . Wait a minute, I may have misconstrued...if memory serves I'm sure I drew topless princesses in my school books too...and I'm pretty sure they still had their heads. It sure is a small world.
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