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Hello all, My name is Sadia and I am new to the forum and to the painting. I used to draw with whatever sort of pen or pencil I have in my hands without being bothered about what I am drawing. It would be anything from patterns to flowers and from sky to land The only thing that I know about painting is that I love doing it. I have no background whatsoever related to painting as I am computer systems engineer. All those past years I was under huge piles of books and algorithms. But I used to feel the urge to draw or may be to write something in a very calligraphic style.  Sorry if my introduction is getting a bit long  but to cut everything short one day last year out of no where I went and bought myself some cheap paints and brushes and now I feel that I would never stop painting.  I am desperately looking for someone to critically review my work and to guide me.  I am so glad to be the part of this forum and looking forward to learn from all of you amazing painters.  Best Regards 
Welcome.  There is a great deal of expertise on this forum, so ask away - someone will have an answer to any (well, almost any) questions you may have.
Welcome Sadia .  One tip I will start with,  is buy the best you can afford in what ever art materials you are using.  Don’t buy “lots” just small amounts of essentials.  And enjoy the journey. 
Welcome to the site Sadia. There are artists of all levels on here, from the professional to those like yourself who are just starting your artistic journey. I concur with Sylvia about materials, many cheap brands of both paints and brushes will hinder your progress, we can guide you here and point you in the right direction if you ask. And as Robert has also said, there’s a wealth of expertise and experience amongst us, so ask away!
Welcome to the forum Sadia.  You will find a wealth of help advice and encouragement here. I agree with Alan and Sylvia, buy the best you can afford.  I made the mistake of buying cheap materials and was always disappointed with the results.  So I bought some quality paper and some professional paints and the results were much better, now I just have to improve my techniques and above all enjoy and have fun.
Welcome, Sadia. I agree with what everyone has said about paints, paper and brushes. The main thing too, is enjoy it. Art is a wonderful way of expressing yourself, especially in these strange times. 
Thank you so much for such a warm welcome and great suggestions. I started painting with some cheap paints but just as you all suggested I find myself struggling with it. I never get the desired result. I gave a go to few available brands in the market and finally ended with the Winsor and Newton oil paints. I can’t wait to share my artwork to get some reviews from all of you.  I am so overwhelmed and thankful to all of you for welcoming me and letting me to learn and share my work. 
Hi all, i just registered. my name is danny and have recently developed an interest in painting and am just starting out with oils so no doubt will be seeking advice.
Hi Danny.  Welcome . I’m sure you will get lots of help on here . 
Welcome Sadia and Danny. Like you Sadia, last year, I went to buy some paints and brushes having no experience. I didn't even draw. I have learned a great deal from the members, the community videos and the magazine. Everyone is very helpful and willing to share their experience and give advice. I am booked on to a webinar session this morning which will be a new experience so I'm hoping to pick up some good pointers from that. Looking forward to seeing your work.
Welcome  to Danny - there are many ways to paint in oils, and we have quite a few oil painters here.  You might find the magazines, Leisure Painter, and The Artist, on which this site is founded, very useful to buy.  One of our regulars, Alan Bickley, has articles on oils coming up, which we're all looking forward to.  
Welcome to the site! There are artists of all levels on here, from the professional to those like yourself who are just starting out. And as Robert has said, there’s a number of ways to paint with oils, so you may need some advice along the way, or indeed in getting started! In the main, my preference is to work in layers, or building up a painting in controlled stages. It may be worth you having a look at a few of my WIP articles on this website. Go to menu>tips & techniques>oils>alan bickley  There are other artists on there also, you should pick up some useful pointers to get you started on the right footing.

by Alan Bickley

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