Printmaking for Christmas with Susan Yeates

Printmaking for Christmas with Susan Yeates

Do you want to send some unique, handmade Christmas cards and wrapping paper this year? This is the perfect opportunity to learn several different printmaking techniques and make some high quality, interesting cards and wrapping papers. The workshop will focus on creating and developing a series of different designs with a Christmas theme, that can continue to be developed at home. The techniques taught will include woodcut and linocut methods. The process of woodcut involves cutting into a block of wood using a gouge or 'V' tool. The block can then be inked up and printed to create the image on paper. Used by the European expressionists and also the Japanese for producing very crisp colour prints, this technique can result in varied and interesting prints. All specialist materials are provided (including cards). However, we recommend you bring along some Christmas themed images and ideas to work from.

All workshops are designed to be accessible for complete beginners as well as experienced artists and students. All the techniques shown are ones that students can continue to use at home after the workshops have ended. All specialist materials are provided, but we would recommend that students bring along an apron and any materials they wish to experiment with (e.g. sponges). Other materials will be provided: gloves, pens, pencils, ruler, craft knives, paintbrushes, etc. The artist will provide fact sheets on the techniques used in the workshop. The session lasts all day with a 45 minute break for lunch (lunch is not provided). Refreshments will be available all day. £25 per person


14 Nov 2009 - 14 Nov 2009

All day

Tracey Mardles

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