Multimedia - Five + One

Multimedia - Five + One

At Kala Academy, Panjim, Goa - the premier art facility in Goa. The name of the exhibition Multimedia – Five plus One originates from the multiple media used by the five female and one male artist – four of them are Goa based wives of Naval Officers. The six highly creative artists, each using a different medium and art form - ranging from pottery, acrylic and oil paintings of landscapes, Raja Ravi Verma style paintings, murals and craft materials, and Tanjore paintings.

The artists are supporting the excellent work undertaken by two Goa based NGO’s El Shaddai (looking after education and welfare of street children) and Goa SPCA (helping people to help animals) by giving a considerable percentage of sale proceeds to them. Sunil S Mehta – paints in oil and acrylics – “Art should be enjoyed –when one goes to see art at a gallery or at a friend’s house; when one buys art for love of the painting or as an investment; or when one paints the work. At each stage, essentially you should ‘be happy’ with what you see. It must please the eye. My favoured style is impasto as it exploits the richness of the paints. I love painting landscapes as trees and scenery convey peace, tranquility and considerable warmth. Art is a part of one’s soul”.


08 Oct 2009 - 11 Oct 2009

All day

Sunil S Mehta

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