Creative and Interactive Art Experiences (London Sketchbook Festival 2017)

Creative and Interactive Art Experiences (London Sketchbook Festival 2017)

Our experiences give people a chance to dive into new disciplines. These series of events combine drawing and socialising in specially curated environments, for people to engage in while exploring.

Collaborative Sketching - 21.09.17: Participants are invited to collaborate with each other directly, producing a series of drawings composed by the actions of several visitors at the same time. This truly social experience encourages groups of people to interact with the act of sketching in a totally new way; using a series of tablet computers to produce a united, central art piece. This cooperative experience generates excitement and dialogue amongst guests as they decide how best to produce their drawing. Sketchbooks Are Dead - 22.09.17: An experience connecting people through sketchbooks, sketching, food, drink and putting all those elements into a beautifully curated space for people to explore. This is great opportunity for people to engage one another while exploring and challenging their own artistic abilities. The Word - 23.09.17: This experimental drawing approach dives into the emotions and psyches of participants, using massive projections of provocative words to instigate a sketchbook experience unlike any other. Guests are invited to produce a series of drawings based on a number of different words; without writing or reproducing the word itself. The words are carefully and specifically selected to create a subtle and engaging narrative throughout the event. Provocations - 24.09.17: Provocations is an experimental exercise in portraiture. By applying a series of creative obstructions to participants drawing process', we aim to evoke a number of emotional responses. These responses, or provocations, are intended to produce unique and unexpected outcomes. Provocations aims to evolve the pair-drawing experience. All workshops will be hosted at the beautiful Proud East Mezzanine by Regents Canal. Materials will be provided by us (sketchbooks, pens, markers, pencils). Feel free to bring your own tools as well. Seats are limited please book tickets to ensure a place. Supported by: PROUD EAST. Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Galleries / Art. Sub-Categories: Classes / Courses | Creative & Performing Arts | Writing.


21 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

Proud East, 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET, United Kingdom

Collaborative Sketching - 21.09.17: GBP 0.00, Sketchbooks Are Dead - 22.09.17: GBP 0.00, The Word - 23.09.17: GBP 0.00, Provocations - 24.09.17: GBP 0.00.

Pamodou Ceesay

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