Canzart Exhibition

Canzart Exhibition

The CanzArt Exhibition features a range of paintings in oil, watercolour and mixed media by West Devon and East Cornwall artists. Subjects range from sea and landscapes to still life, portraiture and the semi abstract.

Artists include: Roselle Angwin, Pat Bates, James Burton, Nicholas Collier, Felicite Darwall, Vera Johns, Jane Leitch, Gaye Martin, Clark Nichol, Sally O’Neil, Ian Pethers, Tania Skeeping, and Derek Stirland. The Garden House, the host for this exhibition, is also well worth a visit. The internationally renowned garden developed by plantsman Lionel Fortiscue 1940-1980s in the romantic cottage style has been restored and extended to include a number of beautiful gardens with an emphasis on naturalistic planting.


24 May 2008 - 15 Jun 2008

All day

James Burton

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