Works on panel

Works on panel

A collection of mixed media works on panel, ranging from abstract, symbolic and expressionist

The works usually are based on a balanced geometry, good black and white structure and matching colours. The media I use vary a lot and comprise polystyrene, paper, wood, fabric, structure paste, nylon or rope strings, acrylyc colours, pastels and chalk. Some of the works convey a more evident message, others just concentrate on esthaetics.
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Glad to say Daughter has settled down now I doubt they will be back because they got caught in the act and got nothing for their trouble...I'm glad the cotton wool bit was a compliment just as well I didn't blow off (no Pun intended) Hubby is a big cricket man that's why I like it no choice but we always support England in all sport...the Aussies crow and we hate to see them with a bit of egg on their faces...when Wilkinson kicked that goal we went berserk we were up in the air for a couple of days couldn't believe it...but it's the ashes this year now that's a must watch Oz is back in form beating South Africa in the one hope England are up to scratch and get them is your painting going in the branching out line...hope you enjoy your last session with your favourite model

Hi Alan can't wear the Honda hat anymore gotta get Yamaha...talking about the destruction of Daughter is buying her own little house about 5 minutes drive from us..a couple of nights ago some dirt bags broke into the house across the road in the middle of the night the Hubby caught them and they ran but it has frightened my girl and now she is sleeping at home with us great to have her here but we are all so angry that people are too scared to sleep in their own homes at night...she has top notch security but when that fear gets into your head...I wish I could get my hands on the burgers I'd wring their necks...sad isn't it don't go out at night anymore and if we do as soon as it reaches about 10.30pm an element appears and you just know that it's time to go home...maybe we are doing the wrong thing maybe we should stay and face them off...feel better now sorry about that...your motorbike sounds fantastic my hubby used to say I was like a bit of cotton wool on the pillion...not sure yet whether that's a compliment or not...both Hondas are going great guns Hubby really looks after them...he's a mechanic although not working at the tools anymore...hope your courses are going OK and your fingers are soon

Hey Alan yes good old Honda Hubby was well chuffed he's a big Honda UK though they don't seem to like them Clarkson and crew who incidentally we love always get a huge belly laugh out of them think you have to have 1 foot in the grave to drive a Honda...Hubby has a real old Legend square type body goes like the clappers...I have a Legend too about 10 years old all the fruit and that goes like the clappers too love the noise that comes out of the exhaust when you put your foot down...can't wait for the Moto to start it's our time of year now...come to the conclusion that we are petrol is your landscape going...I'm still doing mine it's never been one of my things...better at portraiture but gotta try...good luck with your gallery and sales sending heaps of good vibes your are your fingers?

Well Honda won the Australian Gran Prix what a shock for every one it will probably be taken off them...just a quick hello gotta get to bed

Congratulations on the sale of another work it must be a wonderful feeling and more needed ...will it be Guinness or Chardonnay for the opening of the gallery...I would have loved to have watched the rugby but seems that you and your wife did exactly what Hubby and me would do scream blue murder at the telly...I was gob smacked when I heard the results..I bet it was a riot in Dublin would have been great to be there...hope you wore your Irish hat...we follow Moto GP and Valentino Rossi my main man I was persuaded to wear the No 46 Honda cap and he came off in the wet never again...he's back on top again

Hey Alan with all that rugby well I couldn't compete...any excuse for a Guinness is a good one...will you be wearing your Irish hat? hope so...go the Irish hope they don't get the colly wobbles...but then we Irish are a funny lot when not at home but playing in Wales I don't think they have a chance...enjoy your day as I will mine

Hey Alan have you thought of one of those finger cott things you know what used to be used in offices for going through papers don't know if they would be a bit rough for your fine work...or go to the chemist and acquire a leather finger cover...the back is feeling much better now have rested and I'm still rattling but hey whatever it will be heels for the wedding even if it means me laying on my backside all week...they will be accompanied by fluorescent stripey socks I'll post a picture a sight to be seen...thanks for your thoughts much appreciated

Your collection of hats sounds thing is hidden it's socks...under boots in winter the weirder the better and winter pajamas with all sorts on them including heaps of acrylic paint...Hubby has no sense of dress at all caught him one day as we were about to go out with a pair of aqua shorts and a powder blue tee-shirt...needless to say I refused to go anywhere until he got changed

Hey Alan would love to see some more of your waistcoats...I love them it's amazing how many people wear them...some young ones too...hats are in at the moment with some young sets...not my Daughter's lot though they're the trendy ones...glad you appreciated the Irish hat man and took his advice you do know we Irish know every thing and invented everything...I used to drive a Scottish friend mad if we got talking about anything Gaelic I always managed to jump in first...especially about the bagpipes which were in fact used by the Irish first...everyone copies us...we had a very serious Historical Professor at Uni who looked after the historical library and he wore the most colourful waistcoats once you got to know him he was a scream...he did a PHD on Barby and the dolls effect o women...she turned 50 yesterday yet another useless piece of information...hope she's getting hot flushes...glad you are still wearing your Irish hat

Katie, I would have posted on your blog, but I can't find it. We need an easy way to find each other. I haven't solved it yet. I've ordered some different types of paper from Jackson's to try. I like building up pastels gently in layers and have been using Daler Rowney Murano paper but it clogs so quickly. If you point me towards your blog I will let you know if I solve it.

Am I showing my age by saying "Geoffrey Palmer?" - thank goodness for google, and I can say "I know him!"..... ouch on the figures though, but I am interested to hear how you solved the blending issue.

Definitely Geoffrey the waist coat and watch chain...if they have that paper surely they must have something to blend them with...there is a discussion going on in the Forum about rubber blenders that might work...can't remember which one though but it's a new one

Believe it or not, that is me smiling. The family refer to me as Droopy or Geoffrey Palmer. Can't see the similarity myself!

Well do not try to enter the USA...the lack of finger-prints [particularly in the elderly drives them nuts] so I read... PS you look as happy as I do while being interrupted, while working, to have a photo call...