What will I do today?

What will I do today?

What did I do today?

Hello - I'm an American oil painter with many different interests in subjects. I'm working on my degree to be a full-time art teacher for elementry and junior high students. My two big projects currently are 1 - Egytian lore series and 2 - "Out of Place" Gorillas. The two series together show much of my attention to detail and light (especially light). Thanks for reading and best of wishes, Biz.
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That sky is beautiful Patsy, paint it. Won't be blogging etc., for a few days but will be back with you a.s.a.p. No signal where I'm going to be so, even though I'm taking the trusty laptop with me + all my precious jewellery etc. I won't be able to get in touch. There's nothing of any value in the house, the last lot of unwelcome visitors had it all. Back soon. Thanks for the info about the emu oil & arthritis etc. Back soon. M

Scarey sky, Patsy. What an avid blogger you are! Where did you live before your 21 yrs in Aussie? all the best, colleen

Oh what a bummer...

What a dramatic sky Patsy, we get sky's similar with our sunsets they are fantastic, will post one on my blog one day soon.

Er, that was me Alan but I can't remember where I left it!

What a wonderful sky! Doesn't that inspire you? I thought it was a painting before I realised. I'll have a go at that myself. You've confused me over your comments about Weston Super Mare and Mud. I think that was for someone else. How is the Chinese painting going?