Vines in the Snow - looking for Xmas card inspiration..

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Vines in the Snow - looking for Xmas card inspiration..

Looking for Christmas card inspiration, Artist Simon Roberts stumbles across his own step by step tutorial - 'Vines in the Snow'

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It's that time of year - when artists start thinking of designs for their Christmas cards. Ever since I've been working as a commercial artist, I've endeavoured to produce a (Promotional) Christmas card which would double up as a card for friends and family. I send very few cards to clients these days but I'm planning on sending a card to all the artists who came on our Painting Holidays. So, with coffee in hand, I looked somewhat lazily for inspiration on Google Images typing in 'Vines in the snow'. To my surprise, my own tutorial from last winter popped up on page one..Ha! Tomorrow I will look harder in a different direction.. Take a look at the step by step guide at


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