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theartpreneurs crowdfunding

Artpreneurs with a mission

Investors obviously have money, they invest in companies to make more money. Companies are profit driven, their business model is based on buying cheap. Consumers backing these companies manage to make these investors happy at the cost paid by the creators of these companies’ products. Nothing new so far. The online crowdfunding phenomena is mesmerising seeing individuals supporting others without expecting any return on their investment. They are investing in people to share their dreams and help them achieve it, their return is good karma, nada mas. This wonderful side of humanity made us take this initiative, we felt we can help best in a domain we understand and practice. is a unique exclusive members only art boutique crowdfunding platform launching to public in few days, meantime inviting artists to submit their campaigns to showcase in the launch vernissage. Its value proposition starts by engaging one on one with every artist to help get them started with their campaign, advising on best practices and helping with the presentation when needed. Artists campaigners can also offer works to sell at auction while their campaign is running to help them reach their funding goal and build popularity through bids. The platform promises to organise art shows for successful campaigners as well. The team that calls themselves a ‘tribe’ is a family that describes themselves as “breathing and breeding art” decided to pledge back half their earnings to help fund the campaigns. The main earnings come from membership fees, Geronimo the tribe chief calls the business model: “take and give back, take more and give more and keep going more and more.” They are inviting large galleries and luxury brands to join and sponsors campaigns they like, to qualify as patrons of the arts in the Artpreneurs Backers Connoisseurs and Dreamers Club,, you can also reach the site on this domain. Finally, their growth business model is based on vertical partnerships with artpreneurs who wish and are able to promote this initiative in their own regions and communities. Follow us @artpreneurs and FB, PIN
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It's disheartening isn't it Brenda...I'm glad I'm not up to that standard...I'm struggling with the watercolour for the Charity at the moment...have just stretched my fourth piece of paper

Burger is it not?

Phil - isn't it disheartening when our little treasures are mistreated? No damage on mine so far - touch wood it stays that way. All the paintings were screwed onto 7ft high panels on wheels and covered in previous screw holes. Not attractive. Guess whose painting was placed on the last panel where nobody dared venture toward, in that small corner where no decent daylight entered to enhance the artwork. Also, my name is incorrect on the listing.

Sylvia - Thanks for your comments about my dog portrait. He is one of my own dogs and in time I will get round to doing portraits of all of them - 3 done so far. I was a bit worried that I had over-priced my exhibit entry but went along today to see the presentation of pirzes to winners but when I picked up a leaflet listing paintings for sale, was amazed at just how much some people were asking.

Hi Brenda, I too know that why did I bother feeling...with following the rules...a good entry...a posh frame...the stewards sweaty sons of the soil and not a cotton glove between paintings piled up on the floor...face to face...and before the proper collection time...

Not a good idea to eaves drop..... have heard stuff re my pics which made me want to take a swing at the person being eavesdropped upon... you know what they say about listening at keyholes? but I must admit I do still do it. Mirror plates are used , so that your pic cannot be nicked off the wall, unless mr thief has a screw driver about his person and a good look out. They are a pain but that is the age we live in. Also they do look better if they are hung well. Well done for having a decent frame on your painting I think presentation is 50% of what exhibitions are about and that badly framed stuff should not be accepted. Yours will stand a better chance of being sold because of a good frame. Good luck anyhow.... P S. Love your "Doggy" pic.

Hi Patsy, it's not been a good few months, what with one thing and another however, I'm trying to be optimistic. I didn't know what mirror plates were either, so I asked. They are small pieces of triangular shaped metal with 3 screwholes. Top two screws go into frame and the third single one goes into a wall. Don't like them myself, but had some added to frame to comply with the rules. Bet nobody else did! Hope you are feeling a bit better by now after all your problems. Life sure can be stressful at times for all of us. Sending you lots of positive vibes.

Good to hear from you Brenda and hope you are feeling better...framing is such an expense and please excuse my ignorance but what are mirror plates? are right your frame specially made for your painting probably will make the difference...there's nothing like a properly framed painting...good luck