The Uneducated artist

The Uneducated artist


When I was very young, I used to sit and draw pictures from other pictures. They were - in my opinion - very bad indeed. Times were tough and resources limited. I used to mix wood glue with water colours to make a 'paint' more substantial than water. Not long afterwards, I drew a picture of my cousin sleeping. It came out pretty good. Next thing I know, I was getting orders for wedding pics and the like. I wanted to go to University to study engineering or veterinary, but home life got tough under a very strict step dad, and I moved to the YWCA at the age of 16 and got a job in the post office. The art got left behind whilst work and the night life kept me pretty busy enough. I still got the odd order, but nothing major. I then got married and had my first child. Still no art. Years went by and my first husband didn't think a mother and housewife should be painting when there was a kid to look after and a house to clean. After my divorce I started drawing again. By that time I had another job and my boy was in school, so I made some time to draw and paint and to try and find a niche for my art . People started hiring me to reproduce art and portraits. I taught myself to use watercolours, oils and any other medium you can think of. My new husband supports my art wholeheartedly. I even have a metal trunk full of my favourite art products which I open sometimes just to look and smell. I still don't have a theme or style. I do what feels good at that moment. Where my art used to be a hobby, it is now a part time income where I do commissioned work on a more permanent basis. I welcome any commissioned work. From all over the world. I want better than being an artist for my very gifted children although I do support it as a hobby for them. I even did a few art classes. Not that I know anything about teaching. Thus I conclude my story. Hope I didn't bore anyone spitless :)
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Hi Maureen and welcome back...glad you had a good time in Yorkshire it is a wonderful place Mum and Dad-in-Law used to live there...sorry about your car it's an awful inconvenience isn't it...I once got T-boned by a trolley whilst trying to park at the shopping centre...someone just left it and a big gust of wind took it...I didn't know what hit me...cost us $600 to fix and the shopping centre takes no responsibility...hope your hip is OK nothing worse...good luck with the raffle

Hi Maureen, Thanks for posting your blog. It is so interesting to view life through someone else's window. Yorkshire is such a pretty county with diverse scenery. Good luck with the raffle, I hope you get lucky. Your painting of the Rudbeckia sounds very appealing I must have a looksie, what a generous action. The Arts Week holiday at Whitby sounds very interesting. I stayed near Whitby many years ago for a summer holiday, at a gem of a place called Sandsend. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Best regards ~ Anni Morris

A Maureen and a week in God's own County....glad you are OK sorry that Picasso got a scrape...looking forward to seeing more in your gallery to get Sunday lunch [GF Greek meatballs in tomato sauce] into the oven.