Susan Joyce - Berildaart

Susan Joyce - Berildaart

The way to freedom!

Hi, After five years I have reregistered with painters online. I love miniatures and tend to be "very" precise when painting these, usually in watercolour, but really let rip when I use other forms of media. I find colour and texture wonderfully exciting. I find it stimulating to do different things often having several paintings on the go at a time; it also prevents boredom from setting in and helps keep me fresh. I would like to do more plein air painting but will have to wait till I retire for that, in the meantime I take hundreds of photos when I am on holiday and use those and any sketches I might have done as references. Painting and the creation of pictures is my passion that , like millions of others, I would like it to be my living as well. However bills and painting materials have to be paid for so, in the meantime, I shall continue working and paint in my spare time. Other works of mine can be seen on my website:
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Hi always seem to be having problems with blogging etc.i'm new to it.I see lots of new people who have no posts but I can't find a way to post a blogg to them.It can quite disheartening not to get replys so if I could get some instruction it would be great

If only I could go there........................

See you Sunday - anyone else coming?

Thanks for the reminder...I need to get some paintings labelled-up for an exhibition this weekend...