Senior moment

Senior moment

Lost and found

A group of us were getting together for a 'paint-in' , as it is normally a solitary pass time, getting together can can make a nice change. So I was up early to walk the dogs before loading the car and collecting an artist friend to join the others at a village hall nearby. We arrived nice and early unloaded the car - it is amazing what you think you might need on such a day - easle, paints, reference , old cloths, sandwiches, then all set up I suddenly realised that I had come without the canvas I had prepared!!! Fortunately my friend had some spare paper which saved me a journey home and made me reconsider the painting to do that day. therefore having Lost the plot earlier I Found new inspiration and enjoyed the days painting with likeminded people. The moral "Don't fret over what can't be changed just make the best of what you have"
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Yes sometimes it is good to get/ be forced out of your comfort zone, the challenge of doing something new can be invigorating. And yes it was a good day out that our art society organises- "paint-in" days when you paint your own thing in the company of like minded people that help with encouragement , banter, and general chit chat as well as workshops with professional artists. Great fun.

We all have them Leslie! Sometimes i think it’s a benefit to have the set idea changed for us, as you’ve shown here! This is a lovely painting and sounds like a good day out?

Still you have produced a lovely study. I once went off without any primary yellow in my paintbox, it was a challenge, but again results were fine.