Pride in Bournemouth: Heart Radio's Competition

Pride in Bournemouth: Heart Radio's Competition

Design one of Pride in Bournemouth's Lions

Hi Everyone, I've just heard about a competition Heart South Coast 96-103FM is running in regard to Pride in Bournemouth. They want people to enter their design for one of Bournemouth Lions, the Lions will be placed all around Bournemouth creating an art trail. The winning entry will have their name on a plaque by the Lion and also have their own artist profile page set up on Heart South Coast website. So it's a great opportunity and a lot of exposure. Below is the link to the page so you can find out more details.
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Hi Maureen how did your exhibition go...hope it didn't frazzle you out

So very well done Maureen. Love this painting on the blog. Wishing you all the best.

So m I and also good the painting...funny I heard on the radio that this was supposed to be the most depressing day of the i've felt better than I have in weeks...thats down under though...good luck double Maureen

I'm still following this...well done & good luck.