Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II - Underpainting

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II - Underpainting

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As part of my portrait course I have put together a You Tube video demonstrating the monochromatic underpainting of our Queen Elizabeth. I think you will find this free tutorial very informative & I do hope you enjoy it. Here is the link, you will need to copy and paste this into your browser. http://youtu.be/cHuN2yNlt1s
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Just looked at the pics in your gallery Patsy... just super.

Have had a look on the gallery what a lovely wedding. Have left a message on our blog Betty & Max

Glad you had a wonderful day. A successful wedding is a wondrous thing and makes one feel euphoric for days! All the photos were wonderful (even if a few grumpies had their say) and it was lovely of you to let us all enjoy them. Bet you are pooped now - all the happiness quite takes it out of one - doesn't it. You can relax now and sit quietly painting and reflecting on a great day.