Exhibiting and demonstrating at Patchings, my first time exhibiting at the Festival.

It's been a long time since I posted a blog but I just had to share my experience at Patchings last week. I had a brilliant spot for my stand, right at the entrance of the exhibitors tent, where there was a welcome breeze when it started to warm up with all the sunshine. I also had a grandstand position to appreciate the music from local bands and choirs playing just outside. I made decorations for my stand- loads of bunting with, (no surprises here), a boating theme. What a great atmosphere there was, so many lovely and very interested visitors, and a super group of exhibiting artists. I found other exhibitors so helpful and very generous with information, as a first timer. The visitors asked many questions on painting techniques and I spent most of my time talking, I really thought I'd loose my voice by the end of the festival. On the first day both Carole Swingler and Linda Easter dropped by almost at the same moment- how wonderful to actually meet other POL members 'in the flesh', we stood chatting like old friends. I met with Fiona Peart and Terry Harrison... of double portrait fame, both instantly recognizable! During the festival I completed a small painting and started another. When I'm painting I'm quite oblivious to what's going on around me, and a couple of times I jumped when I realized there was someone standing right behind watching. I didn't really know what to expect regarding painting sales, but was delighted to see original paintings as well as life drawings go to new homes. But... I came away with more canvases and brushes than I took, as there were some too tempting offers in the merchandise marquee! All is now unpacked, and I'm busily preparing for the next exhibition in this year's summer season, but I'd thoroughly recommend both visiting and exhibiting at Patchings.
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Hi Carole, you're so right, I think we made a bit of noise....;) Loved that you had flowers printed all over your top and back pack....and I had a boat print dress on! Hope you got lots of goodies to take home x Hi David, yes I remember you from hand in at an RBSA open, always great to meet fellow POL'ers!

Hello Lesley,pleased it went well, and like some of the others, I could'nt make it either.However I did see you very briefly at the RBSA a few years back ,and POL was mentioned .Always good to see your work in the gallery.

Lesley what a great day. Pleased you enjoyed it and had lots of sales! I think they must have heard us over the whole Festival as we all three met, it was so good to meet you and of course with the little photo we have on POL we knew at a distance who was who! Your husband was very patient and held fort whilst we had a good chat. Really enjoying your book, I now have all your lovely paintings and drawings to browse over. ;)

Hi Thea, I think it was publicized on this site, but I admit I didn't really look - too busy painting. Sorry you couldn't make it Louise....would love to see you work and meet you too!

It looks super Lesley. So sorry I couldn't be there, I'd have loved to see your work and meet you of course!

Actually, I was wondering why there had been no mention of Patchings on POL - no results - de nada - nothing? Very weird as other years, on the old site, quite a thing was made of it. I know POL put something about it on their FB page, but not everyone looks or can get on there.

Thanks Thea, so sorry you couldn't make it.

So glad it went well for you Lesley - I would have come but it is a long trek from my neck of the woods. Your stand looks super with all your lovely paintings on view and how brave of you to paint in front of such a large audience! A wonderful experience for you.