Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison

landscapes, seascapes, still lifes

I grew up painting and drawing with my father, a painter and decorator. A lot of my enjoyment in painting I owe to my arts teacher Jochen Daerr (1909 – 1986) an excellent landscape artist himself. For many years I have worked as an electrical engineer after studying at Aachen University and the Imperial College London whilst continuing to paint in my spare time. I am self-taught, now painting full time in oils or acrylics on canvas or canvas boards. I also master drawings in coloured pencil on fine-art paper. Mostly I use my own photographs and experience together with personal memories to create my impressions of a landscape. I prefer realistic presentations of my subject in order to remind the onlooker of the beauties of nature without a detour through abstraction. My favourite subjects are the coast and country of Devon and Cornwall as well as the mountains of Austria but I have also captured famous buildings around Europe. Regular visits to my favourite spots in England and Austria make sure I have enough material for inspiration. You are welcome to write to me on my blog or visit my website
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How this appeared on the blog I do not know. And I certainly do not know where those comments came from which seem to be totally unrelated to the post.

Glad you found us again Patsy.......glad you are ok concerning the fires & they don't effect you....... we had a look at your roses on the gallery & left a message.............they are beautiful. Also had a look at your bird left a message on there to. Have to have some more blood tests in a months time, but seeing the doctor on monday. well it is getting late so will say goodnight, take care & thank you for your thoughtfulness. God Bless Betty & Max xxx

Hi Max and Betty last night I went up and down this side of the blog looking for you and couldn't find you...must admit I was a bit tired had a busy day...Max I havn't had a chance to look at your new Work but I will tomorrow it's already a bit late here now...yes it's going to be a bad fire weekend over in the Eastern States and many of the fires are still burning...we did have one or two but away from people...our weather this week although warm has been cooling of wonderfully at night whih for me is just great...hope your tests are OK Betty..good luck with them thinking of you...I have posted a few photos of the roses in my gallery for a few days they have been really nice this week with the cooler weather...Beatrice paints a lot of roses so I thought the larger pictures in the gallery would be better than the little ones on the blog...goodnight

Yes my tooth socket is well on the mend thank you Patsy, as for the blood test the results havn't come back yet, i'm keeping my fingers crossed. We have heard that some more fires have broken out again over there is this true, we hope you are safe where you are but understand that these fires are in victoria it looks as though you are safe at the moment. Is it still hot & windy? Hope you & your family are ok. Goodnight & god bless Betty & Max

Hi Max and Betty hope you are both well and the blood tests were alright have been thinking of you both...It's really late so just a quicky tonight

Oh they are beautiful love the different coloured's lovely to get fresh flowers when you feel down...good your getting blood tests Betty always best to be safe than sorry...has your tooth socket healed up?...It's rotten this getting older thing swollen joints, twice as long to get anything done and that look at a photo...I think that's not me I'm only 18 but it is me...I find art even messing around with some water colours is great I disappear and time flies...well Betty and Max hope you are feeling well soon and your blood tests give you good results