New Painting Book

New Painting Book

Scotland in Watercolour

I have published a new book " Learn to paint Scotland in Watercolour". It will be on sale from 3 July 2010. The book outlines the techniques I have used over the past 20 years , with various step by step demonstrations on painting Scotland's Landscapes. Included are many of Scotland's famous castles, lochs, mountains and harbours scenes. The book has 60 pages and is in full colour. It costs £12.99 with £1.99 p+p in the UK. Contact John Gifford on 01592 565288 or email: [email protected] or to purchase book
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Happy New Year to you Patsy. Hope you find a good group to join in the New Year. Makes a lot of difference when you have fellow artists able to help and give advice. Our group is a very sociable one. We don't have a tutor, we just help each other, and it works very well. I wish you well and good painting. Regards Patricia

Hi Patricia we had a lovely day the weather stayed in the 20's which was great...I cooked turkey on xmas eve so today was reasonably easy hubby helps which is daughter bought me a lovely digital camera which I will have to learn to work I can take a snap and have been snapping all day...I havn't posted anything yet because I didnt have a camera and I have only just picked up the brushes again after 20 odd years...I have about 4 pieces left from the 80's which were done as exam pieces at TAFE...I have completed 2 paintings the first my daughter snaffled and the other I painted for hubby and he has it hanging...i'm working in acrylics for the first time so the first painting was someshat overworked but looks alright at a the moment i'm working from how too books so the ideas arn't mine makes me feel like a bit of a fraud...but I will now get daughter to help me photograph them and post them but I will cite the books I used...i'm joining a group in 2009 so it will be better then in regard to xmas day is over now it's after midnight you will be halfway through yours...looking forward to speaking to you again

Hi Patsy, Hope you have a great festive season with your family. I guess your weather will be a bit warmer than here. I never could get used to the hot weather at Christmas in all the years I lived in Australia. It somehow never seemed to be the same eating turkey and sweating. All the very best and great painting. I haven't managed to find any of your paintings yet. Perhaps you could guide me to them!! Regards

Hi Patricia just wanted to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Year

Hi Patricia painting's not bad had another accident with a palette knife and started another canvas hey but never mind I wasn't really happy with it anyway i've kept it and will probably turn it into something else when my confidence rises...hoping to join a group next year one our local web sites has recomended...xmas seems to be intervening into everything by the time I sit down at night it's too late to paint...tree goes up today by hook or by crook...hope you have a great xmas lunch...we had hubby's xmas lunch last sat along with my daughters they work for the same place so it was a day at the races lovely private area and food had a couple of wins and a few losses and got a bit sunburnt when we ventured out to watch the horses thundering down the straight...good day all round...I love your dog Patricia I have a miniture poodle she's 13 and we just love her I also look after my daughters tiny little maltese cross while she works I call her my girl shows no interest in babies yet, very independant, has a good job and is buying her own house so who can blame her...when I was her age(24) I was still living at home...thankyou so much for your xmas wished and I wish you and your family all the best for the silly season...I think!!! i've got the camera yipeee...I love flowers painted with watercolour hope to see it when it's finished