My mum's paintings

My mum's paintings

Mother had many of mine; wonder where they went?

I gave my mum, who died in June, aged 94, a good many of my paintings. The earlier ones were pretty awful - I do hope she 'lost' them, though bet she didn't. The later ones were, if I say it myself, not at all bad.... but I have no idea where they've gone. I suspect my brother knows - but does he, we ask ourselves, does he?, have the discrimination to sort the wheat from the chaff? No, we reply - he probably doesn't. So, if you're going to give your old mum a painting or three, do ensure it's one you'd not be ashamed of once discovered. Don't give too many away to your Aunt - or at least, not your better ones. 'Cause I did - Lord knows where some of them are now: I could have SOLD them, dammit! Sob. Weep. Where are they now?

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Anyway, a mum loves whatever has been touched by your fingures or vision ...

Posted by Pou Ria on Sun 11 Jul 07:10:11

I have just given two of mine away, I will bare all this in mind.