charlie boy

I just like to thank all you lovely people for your comments on my paintings I am very grateful thanks again
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Found you! Gosh it's a long way down the list. Mine is called 'Arty Blog' near the top but not as near as I would like. I'm thinking of renaming it 'Abbie's Granny's Arty Blog' then it will move up nearer the top. The picture is my painting of an apple which I use as a lesson in basic colour mixing. I've even made a small pack with all the instructions step by step with illustrations and a piece of watercolour paper for people to buy, at a very small cost, these sell to people at fairs & outdoor workshops etc., who take them home to have a go in the privacy of their own room. It's amazing how many want to have a go but won't do it in public. I remember my first solo exhibition, it was the very first exhibition to be displayed in the Rainbow Gallery at Durban House. A somewhat nerve wracking time but now I take my easel in and have 'Meet The Artist Days. I have some interesting conversations with visitors, if nothing else. Do you know anyone who is a member of the SAA? On page 128 of their catalogue are some small devices called poster hangers. These might be useful for hanging mounted pic's.

Thank you both of you. I suppose it is never too late. Yes Bea I did work hard on these and at times wished I'd never started them but I was delighted with the result. It was a shame there wasn't wall space to hang them but I'd only mounted them , not framed; couldn't afford 25 frames although I will have to frame 8 for the Craft Fair as they insist on hanging and I can't find a way to hang on mounts unless it's cotton taped to the back. I'll ask on the forum

So very well done Diana. Just shows that it is never too late. I do know that you have worked very hard and what a reward this is. I like the photo of the exhibition. It looks very smart and attractive display. X B

Well done. the picture of your exhib looks great and you have that lovely memory and sense of achievement which I am sure will spur you on to continue your efforts. I have just spent an hour or so struggling to prepare ie mount/ wrap in cellophane/ label etc for our art society exhib. I almost gave up.. I am hopeless at wrapping things and whats more hate doing it. However, I am travelling in hope and now I have my submissions wrapped they look a bit better. I felt disappointed last year when I entered for the first time and didnt sell anything but I am trying not to let it put me off and am having another go. It was the first proper exhib I had ever entered and the standard of work was high. Many of the exhibitors are retired art teachers, I discovered, so I didnt feel too bad . At least my stuff looked OK next to theirs and I had a go. Good luck with your future endeavours and well done for having the courage to go solo.