Pencil and Crayon Drawings

I was born in the olden days and have now retired, I used to paint many years ago and have got out of practice. I was on a cruise in 2010 when I ran out of books and took up drawing to pass the time on the long sea days. I now concentrate on Pencil or Pencil Crayon drawings as it is a medium I have grown to enjoy and you can walk away from it whenever you like with minimum fuss. I like to draw most things but do enjoy portraits for preference, usually working on size 18" x" 24" the drawback is it uses a lot of crayon. I did have my own business in my working life but now it is lovely to lead a stressfree life and just sit back and enjoy my new found hobby.
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Hi Katie-Jane yes they still have Australian Artist and also Artist's Palette the first is a bit lofty now what I would call cliquey and now I have noticed has far more adverts then articles shame really the second isn't bad but they have a Forum but for professional artists only so that leaves out 75% of the people who buy the mag it to has more and more adverts than articles now...now my first impression of The Artist is of a lively mag lots of articles and trials of materials good interviews and mention of the Forum on here which I thought was great now Australian Artist used to be like that...I will still buy both the Oz mags but will definitely get a subscription to The Artist

Thanks Anni and Robert! I know what you mean Robert, I am still very self-conscious but I guess one just has to bit the bullet and do it.... :-)

You are very brave sketching people in public, I have tried in a cafe but chickened out when I thought a woman caught me staring at her. I would be more confident if I was any good, but that takes practice - Catch 22

The hat exhibition sounds fascinating Katie-Jane. I'd love to see your own creation...when its done :) ~ Anni