Joy of Painting

Joy of Painting


Let me introduce myself my Name Joan Barratt my friends call me Joanny. many have asked did i go to college the learn the truth is No. I'am self tough and still learning more every time like everyone else. My work can be seen on this site and the response of some of my work is good. I'm not a professional artist i wish I do it for pleasure like many others do. Right now I'am working on some work
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Thank you all for your kind comments!!! So glad to hear your news Thea we have missed you but understand the stress you are under just now. we will keep everything crossed for your daughter. Please keep us informed!!! Will look forward to seeing your latest paintings on the gallery. Patsy we are so sorry to hear of your health problems, lets hope the tablets will do the trick & you don't have to have the operation.....i know how you feel i have spine trouble but they can't operate i have to live with it with the help of medication & sometimes have to use my wheelchair. I have a new hip though!!!!! Glad you liked the orchid, i thought it was lovely. I am still in a bit of pain but know it will take a while to get over grandmother was a nurse/midwife she was at my birth & named me Betty, apparently i wouldn't cry & she turned me upside down & slapped my bottom & said cry "Bet Bumble" which i dutifully obliged, hence the name Betty (she was a lovely grandmother). Thank you for the birthday wishes it was kind of you. So glad you liked the orchid Sylvia, thank you for remarking on it, yes the shingles did put the dampers on my birthday a bit but i am trying to look on the bright side. So glad we have not lost you all. LOL Betty & Max xxx

Happy Belated Birthday Betty and hope you are feeling some what better

I do love orchids, this is realy pretty, sorry about the shingles... not such a happy birthday?

Me again Betty yes the young man was the hunky type and he did such a good job waiting on us hand and foot...don't know what we talked about gossip mostly filling in the gaps...I find men do far more gossiping than Hubby walks the dogs and knows every one and their business in the area...I'm usually too busy for all that get to catch up with my neighbour now and then but usually on the bottom of the drive when we both happen to be out at the same didn't wear the heels the old back was too painful so it was really flat sandals...I will wear them for the wedding though but take the flats with me...usually halfway through the night know one notices what you're wearing...we have late afternoon weddings here because of the weather and the receptions kick out time is usually mid-night...really looking forward to this one

Hi Max and Betty hope you are feeling a little better sound brighter...that is one beautiful Orchid just calling out to be painted...I'm holed up again with the nerve spasm in my back just about rattling at the moment...visited my Doctor today just the normal regular visit you know repeat prescriptions...I was surprised at how caring she was I didn't mention the pain but maybe it showed in my face...she said we will have a long visit today and talked to me about my options...pain who believes in treating the whole know psychologists etc. stick that where the sun don't shine...another who treats pain only without the airy fairy so that I could get an old medicine that was used for treating epilepsy but now found to be wonderful for nerve spasm and pain...when she checked my notes we noticed that this had been recommended by a Neurologist I visited over a year ago to my previous Dr. but only a specialist can prescribe it...bring it on I say...or the Neurosurgeon now I'm trying to avoid another operation but when we talked about it we both realised that this is where I will end up...we think it's probably scar tissue...can't get much passed an old nurse so she gave it to me straight and I appreciated that...hubby and I discussed this tonight and we are going to try the new pills first...then if I need an Op he will take 3 months sick leave to care for me...just as well he saved his sick time he's got about 2 years up his sleeve...really frustrated because I like to be active...have just paid a short visit to the gallery some lovely work on the first page old work too which is good because it's hard to get to everyone...check out Shayne Thea's message to you I'm so glad to hear that her Daughter is doing well...hope you are soon on the read to recovery

So sorry to hear you have had shingles. I had it years ago and remember it as being very painful. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I don't know if I meantioned it but we had good news about my daughter's expected baby. She had a special scan to determine if the baby was normal and OK and it was! All we have to do is help her rest so that the baby stays where it is until September. I've been painting again, but struggling somewhat as I am trying to adapt my style to encompass more light and shade - finding it tricky as the paintings don't look familar when they are done and I can't judge if they are OK or not. I am sure if I put them on the gallery someone will tell me the truth! Anyway, take care and get better soon - love the orchid - super colour.