Is it just me?

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Is it just me?

New paintings

Has anyone else noticed just how much the standard of paintings has improved over the last few weeks? There is some excellent work coming through from so many people. Inspired and inspirational.


Hi Valerie in reply to your question about uploading art work. Go to your account at top of the page, then choose "my art work" box and it should be straitforward from there. Hope this helps x June

Thanks Heather. What a wonderful way to start my day by simply logging into the gallery to browse through such an amazing selection of art. So glad I signed up.

Valerie, It's a relatively simple process to upload work but I would suggest for ease you contact the PPL team and they can coach you through the process whilst you're on line. Dorothea - yes it can be intimidating but we're all at different stages of our art 'journey' professionals and amateurs alike and I have found the site to be nothing other than supportive and informative. Take a plunge and enjoy!

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