Is it just me?

Is it just me?

New paintings

Has anyone else noticed just how much the standard of paintings has improved over the last few weeks? There is some excellent work coming through from so many people. Inspired and inspirational.

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Of course I should have said ‘from my indolence’

Hello Heather, and congratulations on your undaunting energy in encouraging feedback. I am really impressed with the variety of works posted. It is after all a ‘welcome all’ forum, and great for that. PO has certainly re-awakened my indolence.

Thank Heather I was bit apprehensive about posting pictures , But thanks for commenting on them , i have looked at your amazing pictures and have been inspired by them..... thanks again.

thank you so much dear Heather for your lovely comments on my pictures! to your blog topic: i am amazed from the first day i am allowed to be here in this forum - what high standard, what really impressive pictures are shown here.

Posted by Tanja G. on Mon 27 Feb 14:33:07

Hello Heather, thank you for your comments on my work. I love your paintings too. I was a bit scared of uploading my pics, but the comments have encouraged me.

Thanks for all the encouraging posts on my pictures over the last week. I think all your portraits are outstanding and quite inspirational.

Hello Heather. I love your outstanding paintings beautiful work, at the moment I am just sending in my old work from the 90s, and most of my old work is space art. I am working on some new work but it just takes so much time. hope to see more of your work have a great day, all the best Andrew

I painted once 3 years back and I picked up the brushes again now during this covid I have alternate day duties so plan to learn along the way .

Thank you Heather and a lot of interesting work during the lockdown, and most Artists have a selection of new paintings....Great stuff!...

From a personal perspective, since the lockdown I've been working from home and have found that with no commute to and from the office I have so much more time for myself so painting more . No football on the telly has helped too :)

Posted by Jim Ross on Thu 18 Jun 08:27:22

Thank you Heather for your encouragement.... I intend to put some work up soon and hope to get constructive comment / advice...

Yes I agree with Heather - lots of amazing work coming through on the gallery.

Hi Valerie in reply to your question about uploading art work. Go to your account at top of the page, then choose "my art work" box and it should be straitforward from there. Hope this helps x June

It waxes and wanes a bit, but yes - there has been some good stuff lately.

Thanks Heather. What a wonderful way to start my day by simply logging into the gallery to browse through such an amazing selection of art. So glad I signed up.

Valerie, It's a relatively simple process to upload work but I would suggest for ease you contact the PPL team and they can coach you through the process whilst you're on line. Dorothea - yes it can be intimidating but we're all at different stages of our art 'journey' professionals and amateurs alike and I have found the site to be nothing other than supportive and informative. Take a plunge and enjoy!

Here here!! Likewise although I have been a member for some time I,ve only recently found the time to reply get involved. Can anyone advise me(as a technophile) how to upload my artwork onto this amazing gallery?@

Hard for me to say, as I have only just found and registered on this site, but the standard on here is amazing, if not intimidating.....