Irene Butcher

Irene Butcher

Landscape Artist / Printmaker

I am a Landscape Artist painting primarily in oils and pastel. I have recently taken up printmaking which I studied under the talented printmaker Theresa Pateman at Hampstead School of Art. I have studied in various institutions including Ravensbourne College of Art and Design and Camden Arts Centre. I was part of ; 'The Five Women Artist's Plus' group for a few years under the leadership of two very talented and established artists ; Brenda Brin Booker and Joan Thewsey. I have shown my work in many mixed exhibitions and also had a solo exhibition at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Works have also been featured in print and sold as cards.
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Hi Patsy I admire your drive 14 posts so far this month alone...Me? as you know the same old blog running from last year with now 52 posts...

So glad that raised a laugh don't eat them just like watching them grow

what a bunch...

Yeah, wait till she's over-ripe, it will be a different story then!!

Sounds like a bannana after my own heart..........!!!!!