Introducing...just me.

Introducing...just me.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary: Pablo Picasso, (1881-1973)

Landmark birthdays can have a strange effect on a person. Last year, I reached (another) one of them. I didn't want to get plastic surgery nor to do a Shirley Valentine. Instead, I signed up for a part time Fine Art degree at university. It was one of the best things I ever did. Ok, it hasn't turned me into a genius with the paintbrush but it's helping me to reach a potential I never knew I had.
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Hey Mike excuse my ignorance but who is Aneka Rice I live in isolated Perth West Australia and I havn't a clue...sorry you didn't win

Hi Mike how lucky you are to have a studio i'm a bit like Ann and paint on my lap at night when the household has settled down...i'm now using acrylics because of the smell but there is nothing like oils and water colour...I bought some no fume stuff but have been warned that they still give off the fumes that make me sick so i'll stick with acrylics for the moment although they are a bit of a challange when it comes to blending...Here in Oz painting in any sort of unairconditioned structure is impossible in summer and winter the rain really pelts down besides hubby's shed is sacrosanct anyway it's full of tools and i'm moving into the dining room which we have never used and will then be able to paint in daylight...I know what Phil means I took a painting outside to spatter god what a mess all over the windows didn't notice myself at the time was having too much fun...Welcome to the blog it's great here

The Memsahib was supportive of me painting inside the bungalow until the pyrrole red incident...floor/wall/ceiling/window & curtain...

I don't have a stuff is on the breakfast bar, on the dining room table and anywhere else that I have left it!!!! I'm lucky in having a supportive husband who seems to enjoy watching me work and puts up with the mess! I do make an effort to clear things away when we're having visitors, but thats all. One day I hope to get the garage done out, but at the moment it's full of drums!!!!

Hi Mike, welcome to the blog section here on POL. log in and find my blog called [simply] click on to my old posts...find October 2008..there you will see The Studio of one person day-care keeps the bungalow clean & tidy...oh and The Memsahib happy too...

Hi Mike if you look at my recent blog you will see Sylvias shed at the top of the garden , I have been giving it a good clean out after a New years eve party. Yesterday I spent a magic day in there, with dog and a picnic, and had a good "paint". I love "My" space. Yours sounds A ok as well. P S. I do enjoy Corrie... cant stand the others though. Takes all sorts.