In the Beginning

In the Beginning

Tales of a blog newby and painting procrastinator

Just working my way into the system and finding out how to upload things. A trial and error phase.
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Yes, if you have a resident 5 year old, they will answer all your technical queries, lol! Actually, I am not joking - all my grandchildren are whizzes on the computer, but then I am a bit of a techy OAP and love my gadgets (iPhone, iPad, Nintendo, Laptop, etc!). I couldn't imagine life without my computer and I spend rather too much time on it every day and I also run the house from it too. Whatever did we do before all this computer whizzery??

Thank you Thea. I have just started looking at the other parts of the website and the forum will be useful. I also tend to fallback on asking the children about techy stuff.

Keep going and you'll crack the site in the end. All of us who transferred from the old site have had similar problems with the new site and you just have to work problems out as you go along. Ask advice on the forum as there is a wealth of help and experience on there.

Would appear to have only added one of two pics and that upside down?!! Have read though that is a method for spotting errors in your work.