Hi there out there

Hi there out there


Hi there sitting in the middel of the baltic sea, at Bornholm. Having been painting watercolour for about 15 years and now somethings gonna happen!? Im looking for upportunities abroad. As England was the reason I started painting watercolour in the first place,- lived their from 92-95 and got to go back...miss that d..... place. Give me a hinte as to whats going on.... Parden my spelling... and sorry to Louise for occupying the frontpage, my mistake!
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Thank you Patsy for your kind words. We lost our last animal (A Cat) Two years ago, we had him from a rescue centre here in Exmouth he was nine years old when we had him, & his name was "STANLEY" can you imagine standing at the door calling stanley!!! the neighbours must have thought we were mad, he lived until he was 16years old. Glad you liked the Cyclamen. Take Care LOL Betty & Max.xxx

Hi Max and Betty glad you are both well...it's awful when your much loved animal is lost my old poodle is 13 and although very active I can see her aging before my eyes...when she sleeps she's out cold and if she's touched she nearly jumps out of her skin so we have to be very gentle with her...I'm so glad we have my daughter's little one she spends a lot of time with us...your Cyclamen is beautiful I've never managed to keep one alive for long...keep warm and well

Glad you liked the cyclamen Thea. Yes we get upset when we lose an animal, we were both brought up with cats & dogs, Betty's family alway's had labradors & my family corgies. Have finished the yacht painting & have put it on the gallery, you will find it on my gallery!!! Don't lose hope with your painting you have a lot on your mind at the moment.......it will come back to you. Hope your daughter is going on ok. By the way the yacht in my painting has "RED SAILS" Take Care LOL Betty & Max xxx

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's dog. It is so terrible when you lose one. It breaks my heart when I lose a dog. Your cheerful flower is lovely and just what we need to see on a winter's day. I have had a disasterous day painting - both now in the bin. Totally lacking inspiration (and skill) at the moment. Perhaps I need a good night's sleep. Take care.