Fur, Feather and Flower

Fur, Feather and Flower

my drawings and paintings

I am a (very) amateur artist, I've always loved drawing and painting since I was a child. After several years barely picking up a brush or a pencil I'm determined to find some inspiration to do more painting. I've speciallised in the past on animal & bird portraits and also drawings of flowers. My favourite medium (at the moment) is acrylic and I'm looking to explore that more. I'd also like to branch out a bit, and do something a bit more adventurous like landscape or even something more abstract.
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Hi Kathryn just wondering if your application for Bath Spa BA course went...hope you were successful

Hi Kathryn nice to hear from you really good luck with your application...still a bit too hot for me to paint maybe it's an age thing at 62 I find I can't cope with the heat as well as I did when I was younger...I won't ask which area in Belfast you are from I left the great divide behind when I was 16...I have this urge to paint fairies especially for my daughter's god daughter she loves them but being just back to painting after 20 odd years I thiink i'll leave that for a while...the room in which I keep my work is the bedroom she sleeps in when she stays over so I don't want to disappoint her maybe for her birthday in Sept...please let us know how your application went and many good vibes heading your way

Hi Patsy, I'm originally from Belfast myself. Just put my application in for Bath Spa BA course, fingers crossed i'll get in. Here the weather's lovely in the southern hemisphere at the moment.

Stay away from hair dressers mine cut a years growth of mine I could have cried in fact I did...I have very strong wavy hair that needs length to get the bends out of it...I have just read that you are Northern Irish so am I from Belfast...left when I was 16 without regret although I am still very much an Irish girl...you would be amazed how many Irish women I have met that have troublesome hair...because it's too hot here in Australia to paint i'm catching up with gallery's so will go have a look at yours now

Thankyou for the kind comments. Colleen, in answer to girly question. I haven't been near a hair dresser in 5 years! They always 'trim ' too much off and want to straighten it. Lots of conditioner and Tigi 'curls rock' styling cream with a diffuser on a low heat, I have fine hair but masses of it. Ruthy, thanks, I have a real passion for mythology, from a variety of pantheons, the celtic tends to come out most of all as I am Northern Irish, in magick, it is important to look towards what is appropriate for yourself in terms of history and locality. When I move to Bath will be doing more work appropriate to that area, with the same spirit though.

hiya...............love the pictures in your gallery............love art inspired by mythology...........i love egypt and celtic art.........

Well, just stunning, there's a superb ethereal quality to this work. Quircky girlie question: how do you let your hair grow so long? I have curly hair but very fragile, so have't been able to grow it so. OK back to art, I love trying out effects in Photoshop with my digitalized paintings which I put on my website, but I'd love to be able to reproduce this, particularly the light effects in "hands on media". Best wishes colleen

Thanks, Martin Herbert's site is terrific, think I may have seen some of his work on a visit to Glastonbury. Magick can help with a lot of things, good to get out of your comfort zone, best of luck with your work Colleen. The painting above, isn't a painting. It's a photograph I took myself of myself and then altered digitally in Photoshop. Digital art is still art, but it didn't take as long as painting with oils and brushes.

Hi Kathryn, Fabulous paintings especially this one above. I think you would enjoy looking at Martin Herbert's site. All the best with the blog and your art quest, best wishes colleen ps I have been influenced by Natural Magic which helped with a bereavement, so I might try to incorporate that into my work- a bit out of my comfort zone too and might help me to recover parts of me I may have lost! Many thanks for showing your work.

Hi & welcome Kathryn...if you search the gallery you will find lots that will be of interest