Freedom to paint.

Freedom to paint.

Lockdown discoveries...

Story of past few months and new freedom to concentrate and explore. I hope other painters are finding, like me, a new permission to paint, imagine, study. The absence of outside pressure has had a magical effect on my peace of mind and desire to paint and draw. I have been easily able to order new supplies, and fiddle about much more than before. I used to be snatching opportunities to paint , against a background of clamour. Now there is precious time. It is a I'll wind that blows nobody any good, my Mum used to say. I am very thankful.

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And I find myself longing to paint again...for the first time in twenty years! Hence my having just found this website with so many inspiring voices :).

I've found the same Shirley - I'm also finding solace in watching the natural world have its own breathing space.