Eternal Pig

Eternal Pig

Work selected to be included on the selection of paintings for different months.

I was simply wondering, if on the Gallery site, the selections of the month is supposed to be showing picks of artists work that have been posted that or the previous month, just how long is that Pig going to stay on there, does it have a life time membership, did it put its towel on the deckchair first?, as good as the painting maybe, it is hardly saying that the site is representative of new work, or maybe I am missing something!

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Ohhh Sylvia naughty :)))

Perhaps it was a German pig. ( towels on deck chairs )

No you are right Robert, I stand corrected, it has now vanished !!!! must be the one I saw flying by the other day. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

unless I am seeing things Robert, it seems to have been there for ages, I will now have to check again if it is the gallery or the home site or am I maybe drifting into another dimention :))

I noticed mine up there, and the whippets - the pig has eluded me .... it's odd what one notices and doesn't. How long has the perpetual porker been up there?