Digital art

Digital art

Digital art

I cant understand why anybody cares how you produce an image if I never tell the viewer how I produced it or if I say I did it with pastel they will like the painting because they like the image , if I say I did it digitally they don't like it I cant see the logic of that position. Surely the image is the determining factor . As for digital painting any body who tries it quickly realises its not an easy option,in my view its probably harder than brush painting . Any way I love it and I can do as many perfect prints as I like straight from the painting .
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Hi Jan my process is simple I start with blank white select brushes and place colour one on top of the other, just as normal . I often invent without reference, and I never manipulate photos . I have in the past posted my process on line . My process is digital painting and for anyone who thinks it's easy try it you'll soon find out it's not. I also post acrylic paintings but they are very similar . So no manipulation just painting for the sheer joy of it.

great to see all the feedback on this topic. I was attracted to your work on Instagram - great compositions and subtle light and color. That makes for good photographs & paintings - whether traditional or digital. Good work. But as a plein air painter, I was also questioning whether they were "digitally" created - and I think it is a valid inquiry. as a digital illustrator & traditional painter/printmaker I was asked to jury a "Digital Art" exhibition. It became apparent immediatly that there were TWO very distinct categories of submissions - and they could NOT be qualifed or compared equally. 1) Photographic - digital images with filters and embellishment applied 2) Digital Art/Painting- created with NO photographs - existing ONLY as pixel or vector paintings. I would love to see a recording/video of your digital process. Then I could determine for myself whether it is actually a "digital painting" or a re-worked photograph. If there are photos involved - it would be inappropriate to label them as "paintings" as you do - as this suggests traditional fine art methods. As with photographic prints/giclee reproductions that are embellished with paint - they should be listed as mixed media or reproductions.

Thanks very much everyone your words are like music to my ears . The main reason my paintings look painted is because they are , I use modern technology as a medium but I paint exactly the same as I do with brushes . I don't manipulate photos or any tricks I start with a white paper and lay on colour, its a lot of fun and I intend to carry on doing it . I don't sell my paintings at the moment but when I retire I will I'm 68 now.

I agree as well. We see digital art everywhere now. Take illustration for example. A lot of it is done digitally, using Photoshop and others, and yet no one consider these as being lesser art. On the contrary, in this category digital has taken over traditional. the iPads and other tablets have made it more accessible as well now. And there is still a hand with a pencil and a mind with ideas on what to create behind it!

Hi Dennis, interesting, I see what you mean about digital art. Maybe there's a thing about not taking out paints and brushes etc that makes it seem to some as if it isn't proper art. Digital art has a unique quality and character (II only know yours and Hockney's but that's enough to go on). Your work is incredible. I imagine a lot of the time when people ask about how you made the image it's fascination as opposed to caring/judging, at least that's what applies to me. Can you let me know if/where you sell your prints?

Precisely! It is much much harder to execute than traditional drawing and painting and our limits will show glaringly doing digital. Accordingly, your digital work demonstrates how talented an artist you are. My weaknesses in art show the same whichever I use but are harder to overcome in digital. The challenge is a great project for me though and I owe it to you in understanding how I might achieve progress somewhere towards your standard.

Totally agree Dennis. Not knowing what digital art entails, the end results are nonetheless excellent. It brings to a quote by the artist Helen Frankenthaler, "remember, there are no rules in art", so true. Just keep those amazing works coming Dennis.

I agree totally with that Dennis. I am really bowled over by your work and it doesn't matter how you arrive at the result. Your paintings are always so very interesting to look at and I'm sure they inspire lots of other painters to try something different. Keep doing it Dennis. I look forward to seeing what you do.