Dell R910 server with laptop battery

Dell R910 server with laptop battery

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Thanks for that Patsy. I'm pretty much 100%, certainly much more perky than last week....

Hi Katie-Jane have left the Woman's Weekly recipe for you and all...I think a few people are quite interested in them...this is from my old 1972 book which I still use...hope your flu has gone mine has thank goodness

It's a pleasure Katie-Jane hope you enjoyed it I've given up on the looks when I don't feel well now don't work just open my mouth and tell them all to burger off and leave me alone...but hey isn't it great to know that they can't find a thing without you...seriously hope you are feeling better I'm now back to my old optimistic self and feel much better...I have left the CWA's recipe for Anzac Biscuits for you on my blog in case you can't find yours I've given up baking bikkies and the such like now after getting weekly requests for shortbread although sometimes the bug hits and they get every thing at once...I wish I couldn't cook I hate it but unfortunately I am told I'm a good cook not for trying that's for sure...hope you had a good Easter Weekend and my gift didn't stop you enjoying it

Thanks guys. Phil, I have nearly perfected the "I'm sorry, what did your last slave die of?" stare and am now working on the "No, because your an idiot" one... ;-) Lack of shearers aye? Maybe I should send my brother back home to lend a hand, he used to be a dab hand with the clippers. Patsy, thanks for sending the Australian bug, its nice to have things from home! :-)

Blames the sheep...we have a potential shortage of shearer's this season due to immigrant control measures...

I could say sorry you are ill but it seems to have crossed continents to find you...and Australian bug will miss no Australian...will go to your gallery tomorrow and have a good look off to bed now to try to sleep off the Australian bug

Yep never let your guard down on the little swines...never turn your back to them either...develop that ferocious withering stare too...