Custom Wedding Commission 47 custom elements

Custom Wedding Commission 47 custom elements

Coloured pencil commission A1 47 custom Elements

stu and zoe commission

Custom Wedding Commission with 47 custom elements 59.4 x 84 cm Coloured Pencil and pan pastel for the background - 5 X Dogs - Poker Cards one Royal Flush of hearts and one 7, 2 hand that come out on here poker night. - 9 Running medals from 10k to ultras - Coaster from a run in snowdonia - Memorial photo of one of there dogs - 5 Bottles/ glasses from there home they like - Wedding date on the bookshelf - Date they met and destination on the bookshelf - Date and Location of there engagement on the bookself - Photo frame from holiday on the bookshelf - Portrait of the couple as Gomez and Mortisha Addams at halloween - 2 Rabbits from the Braids Childhood - 2 Pairs of running shoes (theirs) - Running jacket and hat and coats (theirs ) - Clock with Time of there wedding - Clock details of there home town and names - 9 Holiday Destinations on the suitcase - 2 wedding rings and engagement ring on the table. finished in mica power details

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