Creation of life

Creation of life

Beautiful creation, never learned to draw

I am Raihan, a fancy musician, I love to draw and sketch with my imaginative thoughts. I want to express my talents through working hard on this and want to learn painting.
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Hello Pat, you are certainly not Dopey!!

Nothing like a sale to make you feel so very happy ! It is a wonderful feeling.

Hi Patricia sounds fantastic isn't Holmfirth in the Lake District...our folks live in Kendal...Sister-in-Law had a B&B there...congratulations on selling some work must be a nice feeling...our lot were complaining about the hot weather yet when they visit us in Australia they are sun baking in 40 degrees go're not Dopey that's me can't do a thing right you have an interloper

We wish you good luck with the exhibition & with selling a few of your own paintings. Betty & Max